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International based triathlon coaching team offering  triathlon training programmes designed to fit around your lifestyle, goals, needs to get the best out of yourself 

Train Smart
Work Hard
Achieve Your Goals



Triathlon Base  know that we all come from various backgrounds and train for different reasons with a variety of goals and ambitions but ultimately everyone is looking to accomplish the same thing, to reach the goal they have set out for.

We are passionate and dedicated  to achieve this with our bespoke coaching  programmes that will suit your requirements with the right coach for you. All of our programmes are designed with you in mind, using the latest technology to provide an easy to use digital platform Training Peaks along with face to face time whenever possible. We like all of our athletes to feel as though they are part of a motivated and professional team and we will help you to become the athlete you have always wanted to be with 100% commitment and support throughout from our team of qualified coaches.


Something that we are always thinking about while planning  our programmes is the balance of day to day life. We use a flexible approach with lots of communication to ensure that you are getting the best out of the training that your coach has set out for you.


Here at Triathlon Base we are able to offer the the best triathlon training programmes: weekly day to day workouts tailored just for you and contact with your coach by email and telephone and social media for all your needs.


Triathlon Base virtual training sessions that take place on Zwift cycling and running platforms, online body weight strength and conditioning workouts, plus Pilates for triathletes. As a group of talented coaches we are working  on hosting requested topics via webinars or on YouTube.  


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