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Head Coach Mark Racher

My Story

During my training as a full-time professional swimmer, I experimented with triathlon as part of a cross-training regime to balance out my training in the water but was never able to dedicate enough time to it due to the number of hours required of me in the pool. When I stopped swimming competitively in late 2003 I made the decision to turn my focus to triathlon and was quickly talent-spotted by the British Triathlon Performance Squad. Through their development programme, I successfully qualified to race as an Elite Athlete and excelled in the long distance events, successfully completing 8 IRONMAN and 20+ HALF IRONMAN races.


On top of my 26 years of experience in the fitness industry, I am also a fully qualified Triathlon Coach, certified by the British Triathlon Federation and a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. My athletes have become World Age Group Champions in both IRONMAN and HALF IRONMAN events, with some going on to become full-time professional triathletes. I firmly believe that with my extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, along with my drive and passion as a coach, I can help you achieve your goals.

How do I approach my coaching

Manage the individual first and foremost.

Dealing with people’s unique personalities is the key to getting the most out of someone.

Build a relationship that is athlete centric.

The Coach is not the centre of the picture, the athlete is and should be encouraged to build a team around themselves which includes the coach. Coaches are only ever doing their job in the background, it is the athletes journey!

Physiology is the key

identify an athletes unique physiology and build a plan around it. Using a lot of data, but always relating this to feedback and feel

Marginal gains

such a Cliché these days but with most age group athletes these gains can add up to a lot.

Be adaptive

all the training in the world is no good if it does not help you achieve your goals. you have to be in an adaptive state.

Balance around life

is essential, periodising an athletes year to create balance. When it is time to work hard you are really ready to go

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