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Triathlon Base will be running weekly group training sessions on zwift for you to choose from!


  • Wednesdays 7pm with a duration of 60 minutes. Invites will be sent out to all interested on the Zwift Companion App BUT you must be following the admin coach and they also need to be following you back to have the invite.

  • Everyone automatically stays together as part of the group no matter how quickly or slowly you ride! 

  • We all do the same workout so it makes it fun and feels like cycling in a group out on the road doing a workout.


How to join a group ride on Zwift...


  • Download the Zwift Companion App via the Apple Store or Google Play store.

  • Become a friend with the coaches so they can follow you back and send the invite to you. 

  • Accept the invite for the session If you have notifications turned on you will receive a message with your invite  to the ride.

  • Be riding in Zwift 5-10 minutes before the group ride (any world/route will do!) or select event on the home screen. 

  • Please watch the  video on how to upload the group workout for that session.

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