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“Triathlon Base provides a wide range of professional services to meet your needs and we strive to provide consistent support to anyone that asks for help” 

Image by River Fx


This service is aimed at people who don't require full-on coaching but would like an expert review of different elements of their training.


You have a full hour to cover anything you like. Some things you might want covering:


  • Your previous / current training

  • Upcoming season planning / race selection

  • Heart Rate / Power Data

  • Training Zones / Test Results

  • What type of training you should focus on

  • Your general diet around training

  • Your hydration/fuelling during training

  • Your hydration/fuelling for races

  • Realistic goal setting/planning


Cost: £40

Location: A coffee shop in Hitchin or via Zoom

Duration: 60 minutes


Who buys the coffee? The coach of course!

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