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Individualised coaching

"At the heart of my coaching philosophy is prioritizing the individual. I believe in managing unique personalities to unlock each person's full potential. It's about building an athlete-centric relationship, placing the athlete at the center and encouraging them to form a team that includes the coach. I focus on identifying and leveraging an athlete's unique physiology using data and feedback. Embracing marginal gains is crucial, even for age group athletes. Adaptability is key, ensuring that training aligns with specific goals. Lastly, I emphasize life balance, strategically planning an athlete's year for optimal readiness during intense periods."

Tailored training plan


Commencing with a thorough analysis of your current fitness levels, we craft personalised training plans through Training Peaks, ensuring dynamic adjustments based on your unique needs. Each athlete's plan is custom-designed, fostering more effective and uniform training periods as you strive to achieve your objectives. Enjoy the flexibility of unrestricted, yet sensible, modifications to your dynamic plan.


Unlimited Coach Communication

Experience unrestricted communication with your coach. I firmly believe that increased contact leads to enhanced communication, allowing me to provide greater value to Elevating your training experience with unrestricted coach contact.


Exclusive Access to Achievement-Focused Coaching


Dedicated to advancing your understanding and knowledge on your triathlon journey, our coaches provide exclusive insights. This encompasses informative discussions on training techniques and theories, coupled with coaching videos and blogs specifically crafted to enhance athletes' achievements through improved mindset and behavioral choices. These concepts are not only accessible online but can also be discussed in person via Zoom, either in a personalized one-on-one setting or within a group environment.

Continuous Feedback & Support

Receive daily insights on all your training sessions, accompanied by a comprehensive weekly review of your actions. Enjoy unrestricted coach communication through Training Peaks (within reasonable limits).

Exclusive Training Camp Discounts

Benefit from significant discounts on coaching fees for all training camps (athlete covers flight and accommodation expenses).


Coaching Package Price 

£160 per calendar month

Enjoy your first month FREE with Me . I am confident in the value of my coaching, but if you don't feel it, you can choose not to continue after the initial month.



Kindly note that all coaching packages are governed by comprehensive Terms and Conditions, covering various aspects, including.


  • A minimum commitment period of 3 months if you decide to extend beyond the initial Free month.

  • A 1-month notice is required for cancellations.

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