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Master swimming

"At the heart of my coaching philosophy is prioritizing the individual. I believe in managing unique personalities to unlock each person's full potential. It's about building an athlete-centric relationship, placing the athlete at the center and encouraging them to form a team that includes the coach. I focus on identifying and leveraging an athlete's unique physiology using data and feedback. Embracing marginal gains is crucial, even for age group athletes. Adaptability is key, ensuring that training aligns with specific goals. Lastly, I emphasize life balance, strategically planning an athlete's year for optimal readiness during intense periods."

Endurance Building


Master swimming provides a structured environment for developing and enhancing your endurance. Long-distance swims in the master's program can significantly contribute to building the stamina required for triathlons.


Technique Refinement


Master swimmers often benefit from expert coaching, helping refine their swimming technique. Improved form not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the risk of injury during long-distance swims in triathlons.


Consistent Training

Being part of a master's swimming program offers consistent training sessions. Regular practices help establish a routine, ensuring that you maintain a high level of fitness necessary for the demands of long-distance swimming in triathlons.

Mental Resilience


Master swimming involves varying workouts that challenge both the body and mind. This mental resilience translates well into triathlons, especially during the extended swimming segments, fostering determination and focus.

Community Support


The camaraderie within a master swimming group provides valuable support. Sharing experiences, tips, and encouragement with fellow swimmers can boost your motivation, helping you stay committed to the rigorous training required for long-distance swimming in triathlons.


Package Price 

Feel free to look at all the packages that we have to offer for the master swimming below.


Kindly note that all coaching packages are governed by comprehensive Terms and Conditions, covering various aspects, including.


  • If buying a six week block and you miss one of the sessions unfortunately you will not get this session as a credit note, you will lose this session

  • If booking onto a one off swim session and you need to cancel, please notify the coach 24 hours before.

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